What the Cryptocurrency Field is expected in 2020

What the Cryptocurrency Field is expected in 2020

What the Cryptocurrency Field is expected in 2020

The cryptocurrency world has experienced many ups and downs over the years, but the field is still going strong. With cryptocurrencies totaling nearly a quarter of a trillion American dollars in value as of late 2019, the industry is growing. There are many things to look forward to in 2020 when it comes to where cryptocurrencies are going. One point about these factors is that China will make a significant difference in what people may expect to find as the cryptocurrency field grows in the coming year.

Banks Getting In on the Game

Major banks from around the world are expected to be more involved with cryptocurrencies in the future. In 2020, Wells Fargo will release the Stablecoin cryptocurrency. The currency is designed for international transfers. The work will make it easier for the business running well without any problems.

Serenity Is Upgrading

Serenity is something that deserves to be noted surrounding the cryptocurrency field. The Serenity upgrade will work for the Ethereum currency. The proof-of-stake system provides added security while confirming the ownership of various Ethereum-based entities.

Will dApps Work?

The use of decentralized apps or dApps is critical to the success of the currency world. Decentralization is critical for ensuring the currency field can evolve and work with more controls without lots of stress or struggles when keeping items under control. Any black swan event that does occur in the future may potentially hurt the dApp field and make it harder for such programs to stay functional.

International Laws Are Important

Many international laws are going to be noted for the future. The Chinese government has passed a law that will regulate the crypto field in China in 2020 and beyond. The effort is to regulate how outside currencies enter China and how they may be traded. The goal is to facilitate the growth of the national currency that China plans on releasing in the future. This produces an inviting approach to currencies that will appear intriguing.

Individual Currencies Become Attractive

There are many additional currencies that are expected to be significant investment options in 2020. Many of the currencies of interest are being reviewed based on what’s open and how much people are getting out of those totals. Neo is expected to be popular thanks to how the Chinese government has been interested in using it as a base for a national currency. Meanwhile, Litecoin is going to go through a halving process and maybe intriguing to note.

Is Ripple Working With WU?

Western Union has been a trustworthy name in the world of currency transfers for more than a century. There have been rumors that Ripple will be used by WU for future digital currency transfers. The potential for Ripple to be a more inviting currency thanks to WU’s potential investment is something that deserves noting.

It will be inviting to note how well the cryptocurrency field can evolve and move forward in the future. 2020 will be an exciting year in the industry, as the field continues to change and go forward.

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